Mortgage Warrior is a group of consumer attorneys with dozens of years of experience in protecting our clients’ homes. Our attorneys, through years of practice and education, understand that mortgage companies are in a position of power over the average consumer. They deal with millions of mortgages and tens of thousands of foreclosures every year, which means they have the advantage over borrowers in almost every way. They assume that the average consumer doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to fight for her rights. In most cases, these giant entities can roll right over the little guy. As Warriors, we battle the mortgage companies to ensure that our clients’ interests and legal rights are enforced in and out of court.

In recent years, the mortgage landscape has changed. Federal and state regulations enacted in response to the mortgage crisis of 2008, sometimes called “The Housing Bubble,” were certainly aimed at protecting the consumer. However, they are complicated and confusing. In fact, many banks don’t even understand their obligations under the new regulations. Banks have entire departments dedicated to complying with regulations. If they can’t understand them, how can you? And if you can’t understand them, what good do they do? It’s like trying to use a tool that you don’t even know you have!

What we can do for you?

It should come as no surprise that banks are in it for the money – every mortgage is a way to earn income.

Banks are acting in their own best interests to protect their bottom lines, no matter what that means for you and your home. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to face them alone. Our Mortgage Warriors are skilled in the art of modern mortgage warfare and can help you defend yourself against your bank’s tactics.

Banks often use loss mitigation consumer protections, such as mortgage modifications and other loss mitigation options, as distractions so that they can achieve a foreclosure judgment. In other words, they get a judgment while you’re focusing on other issues. By the time the foreclosure actually occurs, it may be too late to stop it. We can help you recognize when loss mitigation is a real option and when it’s a distracting tactic.

Banks have to get a judgment from the court in order to proceed with a foreclosure. They have a lot of experience dealing with that process and will use your inexperience to get judgments even without the right documentation. We can help you use their weaknesses to strengthen your negotiation position.

Banks may offer programs that can help you save money or possibly even save your home. Unfortunately, they won’t always tell you that. We can make sure that you are armed with all of the information that you need to protect yourself.

When should you seek help?

As early as possible. Your options become increasingly limited the longer you wait. Ideally, you should be seeking our guidance the moment that you know you are going to fall behind on your mortgage. You don’t have to wait for a nasty letter from the bank or a Notice of Default. However, if you’ve already defaulted, or even if you’ve already been sued in court and your house is being auctioned, you still have options. We can help you save money, manage your debt, and fight to save your home. Foreclosure is a battle. You need a Warrior by your side.

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